You will remain fully clothed during the entire session. Wear, or bring, comfortable clothing.

As we begin, I will lead us through a discussion about your history and what goals you have for changes to your body.

ALL Services - are Included in Every Session.

Fascia Balancing !

Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinician

I will then make an assessment of the structural alignment in your body while you are in a standing position.  This reveals how your body segments are stacked on top of each other and how they react in relation to gravity.  

We then immediately begin treating you.  The hands-on technique involves my hands and fingers determining where to start by sensing any restrictions to movement of your soft tissues AND your bones.  I will continuously be asking myself  "Am I done at this spot? Where to next?"

I will be quickly assessing both the direction of the restriction, and the qualities of how your body stops gliding beneath my hands and fingers.  In the course of the one hour treatment, I may make as many as 200 treatment suggestions to your body!

The objective of every session is to fix the problem that you have AND balance other areas of your body that are related to the problem.